In 2018 I take part in the International Icon Painting competition on theme "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ" of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy (I.A.O.)Athens, Greece - http://www.

222 artists from 19 countries applied for the contest. The judges chose 63 icon painters from 16 countries, including me, for the final. In the summer 2018 the contest ended.  The relative Exhibition of all 63 finalists icon presented at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, in 2019 in Cyprus.

Information please find here:

At the end of competition, as a representative of Latvia, one of the 63 icon painters from 16 countries, I have received the invitation  in the Icon-Painting Symposium of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy in Cooperation with the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) in April 2019.

Info about the Symposium:

  • The contest Icon "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ".
  • Miniature. 25,5x16,5cm.
  • Linden tree plank, levkas, egg tempera, gold leaf, olifa.