Icon painting classes for adults and children!

Classes are held every Thursday and Saturday!

  • Time: from 11:00-14:00.
  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Possible languages of instruction: LV, ENG, RUS.
  • For adults:
  • Fee per lesson: 20.00 Eur.
  • In a group: 5 person.
  • For children (from 10 y.o.):
  • Fee per lesson: 15.00 Eur.
  • In a group: 2 children.
  • I provide every necessary for the work at the beginning.
  • Possible to do workshop at a different location!

I will show you how to prepare the foundation of a painting - levkass, how to work with egg tempera technique, how to make the liquid gold from gold leaf, how to aplly the gold, we will paint a beautiful ornaments and many more secrets of this work.

  • How to apply?

Email me in the "contacts" section or by calling: +371 29228846

  • For more information about the classes:

      please push here: www.eleusa.lv/nodarbibas.php