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Anna's Art

  • If You do not find anything close to Your heart in my e-shop, in this offer, please contact me and I will paint a work if art just for You!
  • For more information about ordering options, please see below:

You can order icons, oil paintings and graphics.

All works are handmade, therefore each is a single copy, created just for you! Even 10 cards from the same graphics will be defferent, because the color strength and the character cannot be replicated again!

That's why handmade is special, because it does not have an industrial touch!

Place an order:

  • upon placing the order the commision agreement is signed;
  • by signing the agreement you pays prepayment by cash or by bank transfer of the final price in advance;
  • the remaining sum is paid by cash after receiving the finished artwork;
  • upon the receipt of a artwork, I will issue you an Certificate of the quality of artwork.


  • it depends of artwork;
  • icons: from 1 week till 6 months;
  • cards: from 2 days till 3 weeks.
  • graphics, oil paintings: from 1 week till 3 months.


   Size of desk  cm
    Price per unit Eur
    25.00 - 50.00
      from   80.00
      from 120.00
      from 200.00
      from 200.00
      from 250.00
      from 250.00
       27,5x22 (A4)
      from 400.00
      from 400.00



   starting from 1m

      from 500.00

      from 800.00

      from 1000.00

For newborn babies

      from 300.00

Prices for graphics, oil paintings, cards:

     Graphics art
    from   80.00 Eur
    from   80.00 Eur
     Oil paintings
    from 400.00 Eur
 5.00 -20.00 Eur per unit

How to place an order:

  • email me in the "contact" section;
  • by calling : +371 29 228846

How are icons made?

  • I paint icons in one of the oldest painting techniques - egg tempera with the floating method. I use only dry pigments and egg yolk. It is a time consuming job, but the result is beautiful and unique!
  • I paint on linden wood boards, covered with levkas. You may order boards here as well.

  • Pigments                                                    Linden wood boards

  • I paint on stone. You can bring your stone!

  • Work in process...

  • If you have boards with history, I will make levkas (a special coating to allow painting on them) and will paint you an icon!


  • Icons - miniatures. Painted on gold.

  • Large-scale work, 1,80x1,20cm.

  • Drawing by pencil                                     Floating method

  • I use only genuine gold leaf.

  • From gold leaves I make liquid gold.

                                          Gilding on poliment                                                    

Saint martyr Alexandra of Rome

  • Upon the receipt of a work, I will issue you an acknowledgment of the quality of work.

  • Handmade package.

How are cards made?

  • If you have a big and beautiful event, like birthday, wedding, children's party - I will make you some handwork greeting cards, invitations, table cards in an egg tempera technique or in one of the graphics techniques.




  • Invitations - handwork relief printing on paper; gold leaves; liquid gold.

  • Egg tempera on paper.





  • If you are looking for birthday gift, surprise your friend, family member, loved ones with an origial etching!
  • Personalized Ex-Libris.
  • Materials: cotton paper, etching, hand paint card (egg tempera) and hand made envelope.
  • Upon the receipt of a artwork, I will issue you an Acknowledgment of the quality of artwork!

Linocut print on wood

Linocut                                                                                    Etching

  • You may order cards in graphics techniques:

  • Collograph print             Linocut                                    Etching

  • Indian ink on paper

Oil paintings